Delivery Service

Watch this short video of our Delivery Service and see our Team and Equipment in action!

At TMMLC we love delivering your products right to your door! Whether its a cubic yard of Mulch or 15 pallets of Pavers we are able to deliver it right to your home or job site. With the advantage of our Split-Gate Dump Trucks (watch the video to the 51sec frame to see one in action) we can deliver 2 products at one time saving you time and money. When it comes to delivering palletized products, such as Wood Pellets, Pavers and Walls, or Natural Stone, we bring a machine to move it right next to your jobsite, saving you lots of wasted energy that you would have moving it from the curb to your site. Our educated Staff looks forward to assisting with every aspect of your project, from material estimation to the safe arrival at your door. Call or stop by today!


Our Delivery Advantages:

Bulk Quantities

We sell our Mulch Products by the cubic yard so our clients know exactly how much product they are paying for! Our Decorative Gravels, Limestone material, and Topsoils are sold by the ton. Also most of our stone types when weighed out to 1 ton would measure approximately a cubic yard.

Below are a couple of illustrations to help you visualize how much material you will get when you order.

1 ton of Barn Red 3/4"
5 tons of Pearl Pebble 2"

Mulch is sold by the cubic yard


Cubic Yard

1 cubic yard of Premium Bark Mulch
5 cubic yards of Mulch
10 cubic yards of Mulch

"No delivery too large or too small!"